Black Widow

Black widow Online Slot Game

Black Widow is an online slot game, available now for desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet. If playing on desktop, please ensure that the latest version of Flash is installed. Black Widow is about a mysterious woman with piercing blue eyes, who seems to be on a mission to wed and murder as many men as possible. This is certainly a rather dark theme for a slot game, but the designers have clearly put in mush effort to make the subject matter quirky as apposed to morbid.

The quality of graphics and music are also outstanding, which goes a long way to making Black Widow a highly entertaining experience. In terms of game play a five reel, forty pay line system is used, but there is no option to bet on specific lines. This decision by the designers robs the game of a level strategy and is a bit disappointing, but the various unique bonuses and special features are more then enough to still provide a fulfilling bet making experience. Take note that there is no progressive jackpot linked to this game, and all jackpots are paid via in-game rules.

Standard Play Symbol Designs

The majority of symbols in the game represent the potential victims of the beautiful femme fatale. They are average looking men, all smiling radiantly and unaware of the danger they are soon to be in. The biggest standard wins in the game, however, do not lie with the victims, but with the written words Black Widow. This symbol pays out an enormous amount if matched five times, and a decent amount if matched the minimum of three times.

The second most valuable symbol is the lady herself, after which come the various men. The mature gentleman in the white shirt is the highest paying of the mid-value symbols, followed by the black suit wearing man, and the blue suit wearing man. The remaining low-value symbols are the standard ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards, which seem a bit bland in comparison to the other high quality art design. To really rake in the cash, however, the player must take a victim, ad this is where the mini-games come into play.

Taking A victim

To capture a victim in Black Widow they must land on the centre reel, in the centre most playing space. This will give an instant payout. All three men must be captured in order to trigger a large, instant jackpot payout, after which a mini-game will be triggered. In the mini-game the player will be presented with a screen showing the various men, allowing the player to choose one at random.

Beneath the chosen option a prize will be revealed, including free spins and cash. If the player manages to select enough prizes without getting a booby-prize, another, larger jackpot is paid out. Note that any free spins won via these prizes will play out automatically, after which the player will be returned to the game. The second bonus symbol feature is the green vial of poison, which acts as the scatter symbol in this game. It may match with itself in any position, and will grant a number of free spins depending on the value of the sequence.