Blackjack Pro

Blackjack Pro

Blackjack Pro is a variant of the very famous and popular game Blackjack. The rules and general setup is pretty much the same, but this game can only really be found online. The aim is to create a hand that is a as close to the number 21 as possible, without going bust, and then play that hand against the dealers hand. In Blackjack Pro you do not play against other players, it is only you and the dealer which nine times out of ten is a computer.

Where to find Blackjack Pro

Blackjack Pro can be found in many online and mobile casinos, and can be accessed if you have either a desktop or laptop computer or a smart device. Of course you will need an internet connection as well. If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, simply go on your web browser and search for Blackjack Pro online. A number of different options will come up. Some casinos will require you to download software while others will let you play via Flash in your web browser. It is recommended to research any casino that you might like to make use of before you send any personal details to them.

Should you be paying on a mobile device, you have two options of accessing a game of Blackjack Pro. Either you can search for the game using your app store, which will require you to download an app onto your device, or you can go the web browser route and play via Flash. As with a desktop or laptop computer, it is recommended to ensure that your chosen app or mobile casino has a good safety record and good reviews.

How to Play Blackjack Pro

Blackjack Pro is in essence the same as regular Blackjack. The aim of the game is to get to a score as close to 21 as possible. To begin the game you must first sign up with a real money online casino. Once you have done this, choose Blackjack Pro from the casino home page. Place your bet by clicking on the chip amount until you are satisfied. Click the deal button to be dealt your cards. Remember that this is a game between only you and the dealer which is a computer.

To begin you will be dealt two cards. Two up to ten have the same values as their numbers, meaning that a 5 is worth five and so on. Face cards, Jack, Queen, King are worth ten and an Ace is worth either eleven or one, depending on what suits your hand best. The best opening hand you can get is 21, which could be an Ace and a card worth ten points. Should you hand not make it nearly near 21, you will then ask for another card by clicking the Hit button. You may keep clicking this button until you either Stand at a number just below 21, or go Bust by going over 21.

The dealer now reveals his cards, and if the number is below 17 he has to Hit, or take another card. He keeps Hitting until he either reaches 21 or goes bust. If the value of the dealers hand is above 17 he will Stand. Your cards are then compared to his, and if you are closer to 21 then you win the game. If he is closer, then you lose your bet.