Cluedo Classic

The Cluedo Classic Online Slot Game

Cluedo is a well known and well loved board game, having been around for decades. The premise of the game is, as most people know, to try and figure out who committed a grisly murder. This involved covertly asking others to reveal the cards they had, which would narrow down which cards were placed in the envelope at the start of the game. When a player decided they had figured out the murder, they would state their suspicions in the classic fashion of; it was Professor Plum, in the kitchen, with the knife. If they were right or not was often uncertain, an what made the game such a tense, interesting experience.

Cluedo Classic is an online slot machine based on the visual style of the board game, and although hardly about guessing a murder, the game makes a good effort to capture what made the board game so popular. In terms of graphics Cluedo Classic is an excellently designed game, with high quality art work that brings the traditional characters to life. Ever wondered what a modern Professor Plum would look like? Wonder no more as his image is as bright and detailed as one could possibly hope for. In terms of game play a five reel, twenty betting line system is utilised, which is standard and easy to understand. The real innovation in the game, however, occurs in the bonus mini-games.

Symbols And Their Values

Professor Plum, Reverend Green, Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, and all those not mentioned are present in the game. No special attention is paid to any of the characters in the board game, but the slot game is obliged to assign values to the symbols, else there wouldn’t be much of a game to speak of.

In order to see the individual values, simply click the paytable button on the user interface. Not that the classic card numbers used, ten, jack, queen, king, and ace are all accompanied by a classic murder weapon, including the knife, candlestick and so on. This is a unique and charming touch in Cluedo Classic that few other games take the tame to implement. Do keep in mind, however, that the weapons are the lowest value symbols in the game and pay out only a small amount if matched in a sequence.

Cluedo Classic Bonus Games

There are two bonus symbols in the game, the first being the wild symbol, represented in this game with the written word wild. This symbol may be matched with any other symbol to form a matching sequence as a substitute. For example, two Miss Scarlets and a wild would equal a match of three Miss Scarlets. Or, four Miss Scarlets and a wild would be a math of five Miss Scarlets, would be a rather good payout were it to be achieved. The second bonus symbol is the scatter symbol, represented by the silhouetted figures and the written word mystery. Is these symbols are matched at least three times a bonus game will be triggered.

In the bonus game the player must first select the murder weapon, which occurs by randomly selecting a weapon. A prize will be revealed beneath the weapon, and if achieving three wins the player will move on selecting the location, and finally the murderer. The value of the prizes increases with each screen, and a jackpot is paid for guessing the murderer.