Emerald Isle

The Emerald Isle Slot Game

Emerald Isle is an online slot game. It is based around the theme of Irish folklore, prominently featuring leprechauns, four leaved clovers, and other things that are strongly associated with good luck. Plus, of course, one can’t forget about the mysterious pot of gold that the leprechaun can grant, which is something everyone can relate to when playing an online slot game. The visual design of the game is fairly well presented, with all symbols having an animate that will trigger when a matching sequence is created.

The leprechaun in particular, a wild symbol in this game, often dances gleefully as the winnings are counted off in spectacular style. The music in the game is designed to resemble traditional Irish folk music, and although well done can become a little repetitive. This is because the soundtrack is not interactive, as in some other slot games, and loops constantly. The music can be turned off via the options menu. In terms of game play Emerald Isle uses a standard five reel, thirty play line system, plus offers the lure of a few highly lucrative bonus mini-games. Emerald Isle is available now for free play and real money. It is available on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet.

Basic Game Rules

Emerald Isle follows the standard rules of slot games. The player must first decide on which play lines they would like to bet, which can be done via the user interface at the bottom off the screen. Note that it is possible to decide the specific bet per play line in this game, which offers a deeper level of strategy. Also note that the less lines bet on, the less chance of winning matches being created, but the more lines bet on, the higher the initial bet will be.

Once play lines have been decided the reels may now be spun. This can be done via the spin button, which can be found near the bottom of the screen. Upon the reels coming to a stop, winning matches will automatically be marked and the appropriate payments made. If any bonuses are achieved, the associated winnings or free spins will be given. As many spins may be taken as the player chooses.

Specific Symbols And Values

The leprechaun in Emerald Isle, as most players will have already guessed, is a highly valuable symbol. He acts not only as a wild symbol, allowing for more winning matches to be made more often, but is also extremely valuable if matched with himself in a consecutive sequence. The minimum match requirement is three, which gives a modest payout amount, and the maximum match possible a five in the sequence, which is sure to put a smile on the player’s face. Some of the other symbols in the game, of lower value than the leprechaun, are a rainbow, a pot of gold, a red headed woman, and a four leafed clover.

Note that the pot of golf is a bonus symbol, and if matched will grant payments according to the initial bet of that particular round. The four leafed clover will grant free spins plus a multiplier, depending on the value of the sequence.