The Gooal Slot Game

Goooal is a slot game created by NYW. As the name would suggest, the game is aimed squarely at the football watching fans among us. Goooal is extremely innovative and unique for a number of reasons, the most prominent being that a mock football match is simulated via the progress of the player as they spin the reels. When the game starts the player is asked to select if they wish to be the red or blue team, after which a scoreboard is displayed across the top of the play area. This scoreboard is a perfect representation of one that might be found at a real football match, and it goes a long way to creating an authentic feel for the game.

Once play gets going and the reels are set into motion the mock football match also begins. Play of the game is determined by the matches created and successful wins achieved, with bonus wins resulting in goals being scored. If enough goals are scored the match moves on to its second half, and depending on luck, the player has the chance to win the match. Winning the match is, of course, where the jackpot payouts are made. Goooal is available to play for real money and for free, and maybe found on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet.

Symbols And Their Values

At first glance Goooal can be a rather confusing game. Five reels and a three matching line system are used, which everyone can easily understand, but when seeing the various symbols with numbers assigned, a person may quickly start scratching their head and asking what exactly is going on. At its core the game is much like any other slot game, being that matching symbols with themselves equals a payout of a specific value.

Where this game differs is that it works on a bonus point system, which, when large enough, triggers a bonus mini-game. Any goal symbol on the right most real means a goal for your team, and the symbol directly beside the goal symbol, on the left, will have its value added to the scoreboard. When the player has gathered at least fifty points it will go half time, and the mini-game will trigger. It is during these mini-games, of course, that huge amounts cash can be raked in. If wanting to see the value of matching any symbol in the standard way, simply click the playtable button on the user interface.

Half Time And Winning Bonuses

In Goooal, once enough points have been earned and the mini-game triggered, the player will be presented with a screen of the goals, and in front of the goals, a number of footballs. The player may click a football to take a shot at goal. The ball will either enter the nets or miss the nets, based on random chance. It is important to note, however, which is an extremely interesting twist on standard slot game rules, that each click alternates between the teams. One click will be your team, the second click the other team. This means that player is effectively playing against themselves with each second click, being as that a larger payout is made if your team wins.