Lobstermania Online Slot Game

Lobstermania is an online slot game created by IGT. It is available for desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet. The game is most well known for having a rather bizarre theme featuring anthropomorphic lobsters, all of which seem to be enjoying a day on the beach. This theme, although certainly original, perhaps lacks the high resolution of some other modern slot games, but is still enjoyable in its absurdity.

The music accompanying the visuals is likewise very original and certainly lively, but may become grating to the ears of some players if not turned down. In terms of game play Lobstermania uses a five reel, twenty five play line system, which is to be expected. There are also a number of bonus mini-games activated via matching specific symbols, all of which offer huge payouts and go a long way to keep the proceedings interesting. Note, however, that Lobstermania does not have a progressive jackpot system of any kind, and all bonus are based on in-game economics.

Standard Game Symbol Designs

The symbols in the game, apart from the wacky lobsters themselves, are a fairly standard affair. The most valuable symbol is the written words Lobstermania, which offers a good payout when matched the maximum of five times, and a decent payout when matched the minimum of three times. The mid-value symbols include a buoy, a lighthouse, and a ship, fitting with the theme of the creatures relaxing at the beach.

The lower value symbols are made up of the standard jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards. If looking to take advantage of the mini-games and bonuses, however, one must get acquainted with the lobster-folk that inhabit this wacky world, who are easily recognisable and stand out in the play area, which is to be expected from bright red crustaceans.

Mini-Game Bonuses

Look for the lobster wearing the yellow anorak in Lobstermania, as he is your one way ticket to piles of loot. If this symbol is matched at least three times a mini-game will be triggered. The screen will change, showing a number of the lobsters jumping up and down in an effort to attract attention. The written words pick me will accompany each lobster. The player may select a lobster as they prefer, which will reveal a cash prize.

The money will be added to the current balance, after which the player may select again. This will proceed until a lobster reveals the booby-prize and the game ends. The second mini-game revolves around the crab icon, which is the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol may be matched in any position in the play area, and does not have to be adjacent. If matched three times the payout will be four times the initial bet for that round, if matched four times the payout will be twenty five times the initial bet, and if matched five times the payout will be a whopping two hundred times the initial bet. It should be noted that this two hundred times payout is a great deal larger then the jackpots offered by many other similar online slot games.