Noah’s Ark

The Noah’s Ark Online Slot Game

Noah’s Ark is an online slot game created by NYX, available for desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet. The game is most notable for its theme, which features some of the happiest cartoon animals you’ll see this side of a Disney cartoon on steroids.

The lions, tigers, turtles and camels all beam maniacally at the player, looking as if they’ve each had half a dozen espressos. In terms of game play, Noah’s Ark uses a five reel, thirty play line system, which is fairly standard, but the game does boast a rather interesting and innovative twist in the standard play design. In sticking with the theme two by two, some of the symbols count as two, allowing for highly valuable matching sequences to be easily created.

These special symbols, which clearly display two of a particular animal, need only be beside another animal of the same type to be triggered, meaning that only two symbols are needed to create a matching sequence of three. This is a feature not seen in many games, and the interesting innovation goes a long way to make the Noah’s Ark game a thoroughly engaging experience.

Two By Two Symbols

In Noah’s Ark there are many animal symbols to be found, which stands to reason given the nature of the story. The symbols that include doubles are the lion, hippo, elephant, camel, goat, giraffe, zebra and tortoise, all of which may be matched with themselves up to ten times.

Keep in mind that the double value system means match creation is much easier and happens very commonly, but that as far as value goes, a five times match is not exactly a win that is going to break the bank. Instead, ten match sequences are where the real money is, and this, of course, is far harder to achieve. Some of the other symbols which don’t have double value symbols include the standard jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards. As would be expected there are also a few bonus symbols, which fit well with the known bible story.

Bonuses And Special Symbols

The dove is the scatter symbol in the Noah’s Ark game, offering free spins if matched at least three times. Notably, the dove has a double value symbol, which is highly unusual for a scatter symbol in any slot game. The dove may only be matched a total of six times, however, which will grant the player fifteen free spins, during which every win is worth double its usual amount.

The second bonus symbol is the ark, recognisable by the rainbow prominently displayed above the ark. This symbol pays out a whopping bonus if matched with itself the maximum of five times. Note, however, that the ark does not have a double value symbol.

The ark also acts as a wild symbol, and will match with any other symbol as a substitute, including double value symbols. It may be noted at this time, between double value symbols and the world symbol, how frequently matching sequences occur in this game.