Oasis Poker Pro High Limit

About Oasis Poker Pro High Limit

Oasis Poker Pro High Limit is an online oasis poker game created by Net Entertainment. The game is a part of NetEnt’s Pro Series of casino games, which offers a variety of different casino table games for online play. The Pro Series offers standard limit games of oasis poker, roulette, baccarat, punto banco, blackjack and Texas Hold’em poker, as well as high limit and low limit variations of each of these games too.

However, regardless of the range of bet limits offered by NetEnt’s Oasis Poker Pro games, the general game play and methods behind these games remain the same. Oasis poker is based on the card game of Caribbean stud poker, and there are only a few small differences separating these two games.

The Fundamentals of Oasis Poker Pro

The few key differences between Oasis Poker Pro High Limit and Caribbean stud will make the game easy to learn for any players who are already familiar with Caribbean stud. Oasis Poker Pro High Limit is played against a virtual dealer, and the objective of the player in the game is to beat this dealer with the best poker hand possible.

Unlike traditional Caribbean stud, oasis poker allows players to trade up to 5 of their original hands for fresh cards from the deck, which can be done at a fee. Also unlike Caribbean stud, Oasis Poker Pro High Limit does not contain any progressive jackpots; however, this leads to larger payouts on average for winning card hands.

Game Graphics and Design

NetEnt’s Oasis Poker Pro High Limit has been designed to resemble a real oasis poker table. This developer has created the game with 3-dimensional graphics and lifelike animations to emulate the feel of a real land-based casino experience.

The screen consists of a green oasis poker table, which is complete with a shoe of cards at the top right-hand corner, an assortment of colourful poker chips, and places for players’ ante bets on the table. A sophisticated soundtrack plays throughout the game, and sound effects and animations help to give the game an overall feel of realism.

Playing Oasis Poker Pro High Limit

Players can start a game of Oasis Poker Pro High Limit by placing their ante bets on the allocated space on the virtual oasis poker table. Once players have chosen to deal, both they and the dealer will be dealt a hand of cards, with all 5 of the player’s cards visible.

Now, a player can choose to exchange any or all of their cards for new cards from the deck, choose to keep their original cards, or fold and lose their ante bets.  Once this move is over, the card hands will be assessed, and players with qualifying hands who beat the dealer will claim a payout. In Oasis Poker Pro High Limit , the dealer must hold at least an Ace and King pair in order to qualify.

Bet Limits and Free Practice Games

Due to this game being a high limit variation, players can place wagers of between 25.00 and 500.00 for each game. There are also free practice Oasis Poker Pro High Limit games available at many online casinos, allowing prospective players to learn more before they play for real money.