Prowling Panther

Prowling Panther Slot Game

Prowling Panther, created by NYX, is an online slot game. It is most well known for having a high quality visual and audio design, the focus of which is a stealthy panther. The high resolution symbol designs all but leap from the screen, backed by an interactive soundtrack that progressed naturally with each spin of the reels.

In terms of game play Prowling Panther uses the MultiWay Xtra system, recognisable by the unusual staggered design of the play area. This unique system boasts a massive seven hundred and twenty ways to win, but is not favoured by some due to its lack of flexibility, not allowing players to manually select lines, and its not unwarranted reputation for being confusing. All in all, however, Prowling Panther is an exceptionally well designed game that deserves a look by all serious punters. It is available now on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet. Keep in mind that if playing on desktop computer the latest version of the free Flash software must be installed.

High Quality Symbol Designs

A game called Prowling Panther is sure to have a great deal of big felines prominently on display, and you sure will be seeing a lot lurking amongst the reels of this beautiful game. The most valuable standard symbol is the stunningly animated black panther of the game’s title, who is worth a whopping amount if matched with himself the minimum of three times, and maximum of five times.

Next in line, as far as value is concerned, is a far less intimidating toucan, followed by a cheeky parrot. These are medium value symbols, and certainly not to be frowned on in terms of cash in the pocket. The least valuable symbols in the game are the traditional ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards, which pay very little, but offer the chance to keep the bank account in the green until something more valuable comes along. If really wanting to rake in the cash, however, the player must be on the lookout for the golden panther, who is a one way ticket to early retirement.

Bonus golden Panther

The golden panther is mans best friend. At least, in the game of Prowling Panther this is a one hundred percent true statement. If the golden panther symbol is matched at least three times, the player is granted an instant cash prize, as well as a number of free spins. More free spins are awarded the greater the value of the matching sequence, up to a maximum of five. What makes the bonus spins in this game unique is that during the free spins, extra golden panther symbols are added to the reels.

This means that more free spins may be earned and added to those already existing, often resulting in a long, highly lucrative sequence of free spins. Plus, if at any time five golden panthers are matched a multiplier is added to the wins, making the potential for astronomical amounts to be won ever more likely. Once a free spins sequence has been completed the player will be returned to the game.