She’s a Rich Girl

She’s A Rich Girl Slot Game

She’s a Rich Girl, created by IGT, is an online slot game available now for desktop computer, mobile phone, and tablet. As the name suggests, the theme of game is based around an apparently wealthy woman and her luxurious lifestyle. The symbols are cartoon-ish in design and perhaps lack the detail of some other more modern games, but all in all the quirky nature of the art style is charming enough to be passable.

The music, however, is top quality and instantly addictive, making the player feel as if they have been transported to a world of luxury and excess. The art style and music combined make She’s a Rich Girl a thoroughly enjoyable game, even if just to experience the unique theme. In terms of game play five reels and nine play lines are used, with the player allowed to select individual play lines between spins. Nine lines may seem rather low, especially when other games offer as many as two hundred and fifty, but She’s a Rich Girl aims for a stream lined, easy to understand experience, allowing the player to simply focus on the spectacle instead of being confused trying to understand serpentine play lines.

Simple Symbol Designs

Interestingly, the rich girl herself is not the most valuable symbol in the game, but rather the written word Rich Girl. This symbol, identifiable by the unreasonably large diamond, is worth a staggeringly large payout if matched with itself the maximum of five times, and a slightly more modest amount if matched three times. The image of the rather expressionless pink haired girl is only the second most valuable symbol, and worth a great deal less then the written words.

She is, however, still valuable enough that matching her five times is reason to celebrate. Some of the other symbols include a moustached man with eyebrow raised, a small yappy dog, a somewhat smug looking car, and a selection of fresh fruit. The fruit are the least valuable symbols in the game, and will only payout a small amount even if matched the maximum of five times.

Special Features

There are a few special features in the She’s a Rich Girl slot game, and although not very innovative or interesting visually, all are extremely generous. The scatter symbol, represented in this game as a pile of gems, may match in all positions on all reels. If matched three times the scatter symbol will payout twice the initial bet for that round. If matched four times, a multiplier of ten will be applied to the initial bet and paid out. And, if matched the maximum of five times, a twenty five times multiplier will be used, and the amount instantly added to the current balance.

The Diamond Run multiplier, recognisable as a watermelon sizes gem, will payout if matched on reels three, four and five. Only, its not cash the Diamond Run symbol pays out, but instant free spins. Note that these free spins will play out automatically, with all winnings added to the balance once the spins have concluded.