Starcraft betting

The Start of Starcraft Betting

Starcraft was a real-time strategy computer game. The original StarCraft game featured a professional competition circuit that was largely concentrated in South Korea. At the time two major game channels in South Korea each ran what they called a Starleague that was viewed and followed avidly by millions of fans.

Starcraft betting really started in about 2002, when the pro-gamers organized themselves into teams and received nationwide sponsorship by some of the biggest South Korean companies. StarCraft is perhaps the most popular computer game competition today still at the annual World Cyber Games and thanks to the overwhelming migration to Starcraft 2 is considered the leader at this, the world’s largest computer and video game competition.

Features of Starcraft

One of the attractive features of Starcraft betting, and very much in line with the direction of modern psychology, is the facility for rapid development within the field. The game has the propensity to develop new strategies regularly and rapidly. The balance of the game and the related odds change very quickly with these developments as player results can wax and wane remarkably. Exponents of Starcraft betting that make the most of these changes are always on the lookout for these developments.

This obviously leads on to the evidentiary statement that the most recent form of any Starcraft player is the best indicator of their winning likelihood. Bettors on this sport should bear in mind that the professional players in this field practice for 6 to 10 hours daily, much like any professional sportsman, and the field is extremely competitive. However, as with all professional sport, and particularly in one growing as fast as eSports, psychological and motivational factors play an ever-greater role, and dramatic improvements in players’ performances can often be seen in short periods of time.

Characteristics of the Starcraft Game

Certain characteristics of Starcraft esports betting on mobile are worth mentioning immediately, especially if this elementary knowledge leads to further study and investigation on the part of any prospective punter. One of the first things to understand is that Starcraft players are sports people and the most they practice the better they get.

Players that train harder and better will be more successful by developing their skills at the game. An example of this is the various racial matchups in the game that require clever strategy based on the opponents’ skill set, but once effected could change the outcome of many successive matchups.

Game Match Format

The match format in Starcraft betting games varies from the best-of-1 game to the best-of-7 events. Quite clearly the lower the number of games in the set, the better the chances a player has of causing an upset. The strategy utilised in such smaller game sets would therefore be slightly different, and one that made the most of the element of surprise is going to be favoured by specialists in this game format.

Map influence on Starcraft betting has been reduced in gameplay in order to balance the advantages certain races have over the others. During tournament play, therefore, players get the opportunity to veto one or two maps, and can avoid the ones less suited to the race they are playing.

So, although the actual game played nowadays is Starcraft 2, the general field of Starcraft betting is growing and many top sports betting sites offer wagering on many tournaments and major leagues.