The Pig Wizard

The Pig Wizard Slot Game

The Pig Wizard, created by Blue Print gaming, is an online slot game. It is most notable for its main character, Harry Trotter the Pig Wizard, who is, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, a satire of the well loved Harry Potter. The game makes liberal use of the goofy looking pig character, having him feature in a number of symbol designs, and in the mini-games. For the most part the 3D piggy is well created, having many animations and even making a few grunting noises.

All in all, however, the game is slightly behind more advanced slot games in the visual design department, and doesn’t make full use of the cute title. As far as game play goes The Pig Wizard uses a five reel, twenty play line system, but does not allow the player to manually adjust play lines, which may be a bit disappointing for players who demand freedom in their game play. All in all, however, The Pig Wizard is a perfect game for casual punters who are willing to sacrifice game play depth, and just be charmed by a charming piggy for a few hours.

Standard Play Symbols

Harry Trotter is one valuable pig, and sure to make anyone lucky enough to match him in the play area smile. His symbol, the one including the written word wild, doubles as both a wild symbol, and an extremely valuable standard play symbol. If matched with itself the maximum of five times this symbol will give an instant massive payout, the biggest in the game. Plus, this symbol may match with all other symbols to create matching sequences.

Some of the other standard symbols include a bag of gems, which is the second most valuable, a wizards hat, and a spell book. The remaining symbols, and least valuable, are the traditional ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards. If really looking to cash in with The Pig Wizard, however, the player must pay close attention to the bonus symbols, which trigger the extremely lucrative mini-games.

Piggy Bonuses

The bonus symbol is identifiable as the image of Harry Trotter with the written word bonus. This symbol is a scatter symbol, meaning that it may match anywhere in the play area, regardless if it is adjacent to its other images or not. Once matched the scatter symbol will open a second window, which shows a map with a few locations. The locations include Squeal or no Squeal, Trial of Magic, Magic Mirror Spins, and Gold Jackpot.

The player may select a location as they desire, after which the mini-game will begin. Each location has its own unique mini-game, which includes a basic set of rules, a happy Harry Trotter along for the ride, and the potential to win huge cash payouts, free spins, and multipliers. One the game has concluded and the player awarded their prize, the game will return to the standard slot portion of the game, allowing for further spins to be made. Note that the mini-games are rare, and will generally take a good deal of playing before the player may experience any one of them.