Wizard of Odds

Wizard Of Odds Slot Game

Wizard of Odds is an online slot game created by MicroGaming. If you were hoping the game was a clever satire of Wizard of Oz, perhaps featuring characters that poked fun at the popular movie, you will be disappointed. Wizard of Odds is a satire in name only, and the game itself features a rather disappointingly bland wizard in a blue hat.

That’s not to say the game isn’t good, as the five reel, twenty play line system, which allows players to manually adjust play lines, is a fun and entertaining slot game experience. There are also a number of bonus features and special symbols, which keep the game play fresh, and money flowing, making Wizard of Odds a good choice for punters from all walks of life. The visuals, unfortunately, are not just a letdown in that the fail to capitalise on a clever title.

All the symbol designs and special effects are a bit lacking by modern standards, seeming flat and void of life. The sound design, not terrible but certainly repetitive after a few minutes, is also nothing to write home about.  All in all the game offers solid entertainment in terms of game play and is certainly worth a look, but is unlikely to blow any minds in terms of audio design or visual aesthetic.

Symbols And Standard Play

The wizard, his smile seeming to say he is aware of his own value, is the most well paying symbol in the game. If matching the wizard the minimum of three time, or maximum of five times, an instant payout of considerable amount will be granted to the player.

The next most valuable symbol is the staff, followed by the standard playing card symbols, including ten, jack, queen, king, and ace. The real money in the Wizard of Odds, however, can be found with the special and bonus symbols. And, it must be said, the game has a great deal more of these then other slot games. They include the blue wizard’s hat, the special cauldron, the leather bound magical spell book, the written words Wizard of Odds, and the already mentioned crystal ball.

Magical Bonus Features

The blue wizards hat may be matched anywhere if appearing on reels two, four and five. That is to say, they do not have to be adjacent or in any matching order. If matching, the wizard’s hat will trigger a mini-game. In the mini-game the player is asked to select one hat out of a selection of five. Beneath the hat will be a number of free spins, which will play out automatically.

The spell book bonus, which can be triggered simply by the book appearing anywhere on the reels, grants the player an instant cash bonus, the amount of which is selected at random. The cauldron bonus is the big one in the Wizard of Odds game. If matching three times, the cauldron mini-game will be triggered. In this game the player may select a potion bottle, which will be added to the cauldron. If the potion is good, a cash amount will grow, if the potion is bad, the game is over.